Sports Injury Clinic


Our statement

The Physio Institute is a sports injury clinic set up to diagnose, educate and treat the people of the extended Nelson area. We have a fully equipped rehabilitation gym, specialised Pilates equipment, multiple professional treatment rooms, and plenty of parking. Our Physiotherapists have postgraduate qualifications in Sports Medicine, Manipulative therapy and Acupuncture. 

The clinic is based on the rehabilitation approach "Relieve - Restore - Enhance ". You will receive hands-on therapy and ability to access a fully equipped gym to individualise your rehabilitation for optimal results. 

The History of The Physio Institute

Jean Sillars, was one of the first Physiotherapist's to work in the Nelson area.

 After graduating from a class of just 12 from the Otago Physiotherapy school in 1944, Jean worked out of the Manuka Street Hospital in 1945 renting a room on the west side of the building. She treated a variety of injuries with particular interest in the back and neck. 

Jean’s grandson Edward started up The Physio Institute with his partner Kim, in honour of what Jean started all those years ago. “I think it is just wonderful how far the Physiotherapy profession has come over the last 70 years and am very glad to be part of its history” (Jean Sillars).

The clinic has Jean’s old Musculoskeletal textbooks on site as historic books which have formed Physiotherapy as we know it today.